2023 Update

Year in Review

Watch the videos below to learn what God has done in 2023 through your support of the International Sports Academy.

2023 Impact Report Summary

You are a life-changer.

Your support of the International Sports Academy this past year has impacted thousands of young people in Africa, India, and the United States.

Thank you!

We want to share with you some highlights of what God has done in 2021 through your contribution to the ISA.

In Kenya, you…

• launched 20 ISA clubs reaching hundreds of students, and initiated Bible studies and anti-drug education with over 100 young people in regular attendance in the difficult city slum of Kwa Reuben.
• enabled coach Freddy in Mombasa to start a top-notch boys and girls basketball program including intense Bible and life discipleship, enrolling over 60 players, and outfitting them with balls, uniforms, shoes and Bibles.
• trained workers and staff in sports ministry and launched sports discipleship programs at our newly-built, high-end sports complex that is reaching thousands of refugees in Eldoret.

Among the Maasai your gift…

• helped an incredibly remote bush church repair their well to provide water to the entire village, saving women and girls hundreds of hours that would be spent carrying jugs of water daily from the nearest river miles away.
• rescued over 30 teenage girls from the heinous practices of Female Genital Mutilation and forced childhood marriages, giving them a safe place to stay and enrolling them in school and a Bible discipleship program.

In Guinea, you…

• empowered Pastor Jonathan and his workers to launch over 30 ISA youth sports ministry clubs in the city of Conakry.
• planted dozens of churches by utilizing the tool of sports to gain a trusted voice in communities that are 90% Muslim.

You can help us do so much more in 2024!

Every day, we receive invitations and requests for our sports ministry training from leaders all over the world. The opportunities are truly endless! Our only limitation in helping these leaders reach lost and hurting young people with the gospel of Jesus is funds.

Dollar for dollar, your gift to the ISA reaches more souls than a donation to just about anywhere else.

For example:

• $20 can provide a soccer ball that will be used to launch multiple teams who will study the Bible at practice weekly and host tournaments with hundreds of spectators, all of whom will hear the gospel.

• $100 can give Bibles to 30 young people who’ve never heard about Jesus.

• $250 can outfit an entire school with our Bible curriculum, sports uniforms, and balls to begin their discipleship program.

• $300 per month can hire a local, in-country ISA worker to continuously launch new ISA programs to reach tens of thousands of at-risk kids with the love of Christ.

We are asking God for an influx of new monthly donors at the beginning of the year to give us a solid foundation to reach hundreds and thousands more souls with the love of Jesus this year.

Will you make a commitment to help us start 2024 off right?

No amount is too small, as God uses each and every gift to empower the ISA to bring the love of Christ to at-risk young people all over the world through the tool of sports.