Become a Social Ambassador with the International Sports Academy - It's all about people! |

Who are our Social Ambassadors?


They are people who are passionate about the mission of the ISA and want to help spread the word, acquire new supporters, and bring in donations to boost the work God is doing to save kids through sports.

As a Social Ambassador, you help amplify our reach and get the mission and work of the ISA in front of new people, helping to bring in new supporters.

If this is you, read on!


Your network includes people who aren’t in ours. When you post on your personal account, it helps to get our message and the amazing things God is doing through ISA in front of people who haven’t yet heard of us. Your posts carry clout with your friends and family.

When the message comes from you, your friends are more likely to trust it, and those people can become new supporters of this ministry!

Not everyone who follows us on Facebook, Instagram, etc. will actually see our posts. These companies limit our reach. But, when a post gets a lot of engagement in the form of likes, shares, and comments, Facebook and Instagram begin to show that post to more people.

Your interaction helps more people see our message.


You don’t have to limit your Ambassador activity to just online sharing! We have flyers, posters and brochures that you can hand out and use to tell people about the ISA in person.

Or, hang them on public bulletin boards often found in restaurants, banks, and stores around your area.

If you have an office or other place in which to display our materials, please do so!

We can mail you whatever you’d like.

Getting our materials into new areas helps get our work in front of new people who will hopefully become supporters of what God is doing through the ISA.

You can also sign up to host an information table/tent at an event in your area such as an expo or a street fair, even (and especially) if you don’t live near our headquarters in Russell, PA.

Bonus points if you help us find out about new venues and help us secure a booth!

When you commit to hosting booths for us, we will work with you to provide you with everything you need to run the booth!

Info booths are a great way for you to get our ministry in front of new people.

The best use of a booth is to collect email addresses so that ISA can continue to reach out to the people you’ve spoken with.


  • Eternal rewards

  • Exclusive content to share

  • First looks at new content and news

  • Exclusive occasional gifts and surprise rewards like souvenirs from our ISA locations, to be a visual reminder to pray for this ministry