Donate your used phone or tablet and ISA can turn it into funds to purchase sports equipment and spread the gospel | International Sports Academy


Have an old phone lying around? Donate it to ISA to reach young people with the gospel through the tool of sports! | International Sports Academy

You probably have an old, broken phone or two (or maybe a whole drawer full!) lying around.

Now you can turn your old phone into sports equipment for at-risk young people with no access to sports!

Phones and tablets from the US are hot commodities overseas.

When you donate your old phone, ISA can turn it into funds to build sports complexes and purchase equipment.


   Remove all personal information from your device and sign out of all accounts and apps. Turn off Find My iPhone. Sign out of iCloud/Apple ID/Google.

   Reset phone/tablet to factory settings. (Instructions: Apple | Android)

   Please download and print this donation form, fill it out, and include it with your devices when you drop off or mail them.

   Locally, you can drop off your devices at Praise Fellowship.

IMPORTANT: If you mail your devices to us, you MUST tell the post office that your package contains a phone with a lithium ion battery.

Our address is:

International Sports Academy
7451 Market Street
Russell, PA 16345

Donate a Basketball Rim to save lives! International Sports Acad

Thank you for spreading the gospel through the tool of sports!

It’s all about people!