Creating Opportunities Through Sports
with Pastor Abraham Kimtai from Kenya

• Young people in Kenya are passionate about sports, but there are few opportunities or even parks/playgrounds for them to play.

• A recent Kenyan study found that 75% of men under the age of 35 are involved in sports gambling. Kenyan young people clearly have a passion for sports.

• Though sports in itself is a neutral activity, for many people it has become a god. But this passion for sports can be redeemed and can give way to a passion for Christ in the lives of these young people.

• Sports is a universal attractant and a common ground that can provide opportunities for conversations about Jesus and building relationships with young people.

• Lack of opportunity is leading to delinquent behaviors, but reaching them with the gospel through sports ministry allows them to nurture their God-given talents, redirect their efforts to positive behaviors, and stay out of trouble.

• Such a high percentage of the Kenyan population is under the age of 25 that in just 20 years, the culture and climate of the country will look completely different. If we don’t reach them with the gospel or Jesus, the devil will take them in the wrong direction.

• The heart of the ISA is to change the lives of young people for eternally through Jesus. We have to have some way to connect with them, a common ground, a same language to speak. Sports provides that common ground that allows us to reach young people, meet their needs, and we’re seeing them accept Christ.

• Pastor Abraham spent $50 on soccer balls to hold a youth tournament at his church. The interest was so huge that they had to limit registrations. The tournament gave him an opportunity to develop relationships with the players, and now many of these young people are saved and attending his church and youth programs.

• The ISA comes alongside churches to enable them to begin and expand sports ministries to reach more young people in their communities with the gospel.


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