Creating Opportunities Through Sports
with Pastor Abraham Kimtai from Kenya

• In his youth, because there was no connection between Abraham and his parents’ church, he went elsewhere to find a common ground. Like other young people, he found it in illicit behaviors, specifically for him, alcohol.

• Young people need the gospel because there is so much hopelessness in Kenya. Many young people find solace in alcohol and drugs.

• Terrorists are able to exploit the hopelessness of jobless young people by offering them money.

• “You cannot have hope if you are not loved.”

• We must reach out to these young people with the hope and love of the gospel so that they can be freed and saved. There is a spiritual battle for their souls taking place, and someone will win them. Will it be the church, or will it be evil? There are lots of resources coming in from the enemy. If we’re not reaching them with our resources and the power of the Spirit, we will lose an entire generation.

• “When you know Jesus, you will know how to love your neighbor.”

• The church must understand that there is an urgency to this situation and it must take its position.

• “This a tool that I believe the Lord will use to bring these young people to the realization that they need God.”

• Kenya is ripe for revival. If we want to see this revival, we have to reach the young people.

• In 20 years, Kenya will be a different nation. The question is, will it be a great country or an awful one?

• The enemy is organized, intentional, and ready. We must be moreso.

• “Life without God is not life.”


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You cannot have hope if you are not loved -
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