What is the International Sports Academy all about?

The International Sports Academy uses the tool of sports to connect at-risk youth all over the world with long-term mentors to change their lives, now and for eternity.

To find out more about what the ISA does, watch this video featuring real kids we are working with at our ISA locations all over the world!

At the ISA, kids are…

Frequently Asked Questions

The ISA works with local churches to establish ongoing organized sports programs, not just one-time events. Because the kids are continually attending games and practices, our coaches and chaplains really get to develop mentor relationships with them, keeping them out of trouble, meeting their needs, and helping them succeed in life.

Sports is simply a tool for evangelism and church growth. In many of the places ISA works, there are currently no sports facilities, programs, or equipment. By equipping the church to run the sports, we give them a new opportunity to impact their communities for Christ.

These areas are also places where children are targeted for human trafficking and terrorist group recruitment. By keeping these kids off the streets, our programs pluck them out of futures of tragedy and violence.

We come along side each individual church and support their vision for their community, working with the pastors and other spiritual leaders and providing training for the discipleship of the players.

Bishop Elijah from ISA Kipsongo in Kenya explains what has happened in his neighborhood since we started an ISA location there.

Your gift can change the lives of at-risk kids all over the world.

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